What might Jim Nantz say about the video you’re about to see…

Hello, friends. Ready to watch your life change right here? Is it your time? Yes, at long last! Every sport has an icon who transcends the game; boxing had Ali, basketball had Jordan, and interviewing has me, Jim Nantz. To that end, I present “A Jacuzzi Unlike Any Other,” my historic 1985 interview of Utah Jazz players John Stockton, Bob Hansen, Pace Mannion, & Rich Kelley… in a hot tub. 

The loyal, passionate fan lives for moments like these, but can only live them vicariously through me. I was absolutely shaken by the enormity of the moment. I’m blessed to have great friends, and there are a lot of men in my life who’ve been more than just friends. I was kind of out of things to say, to be honest. My teeth were chattering and I had chill bumps up and down my arms, and the moment was almost too big for me. Still, in the end, it was a performance from the start that could not have been any finer. There was some magic by the hot tub. There it is… as grand as it gets!

[Nantz quotes from here, here and here, video via Spencer Ryan Hall]

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