High school football is a very serious thing for millions of people around this great country.  In many communities across America, the first kickoff at the local stadium is one of the most anticipated dates on the calendar.  In some places, high school football is legit news… especially when there's a controversy surrounding the firing of a local PA announcer.

Holmes County Blue Devils public address announcer Rickey Callahan was relieved of his duties after 12 years serving the Bonifay, FL school.  He says principal Eddie Dixon fired him for appearing in the stands at a playoff game last year supporting local rival Chipley.  Callahan says he wanted to support Chipley representing the district, but someone powerful at Holmes County didn't appreciate the friendly support.  The schools are located about 9 miles apart on US 90 in the Florida panhandle.  You can listen to Callahan's side of the story and what he believes to be a politically motivated firing by Dixon in the news story above from WTVY in nearby Dothan, Alabama.

Again: a high school football public address announcer says he was fired for attending another school's playoff game.  Here's hoping Rickey Callahan gets his job back because sometimes high school football is a way too serious thing.


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