On Inside the NBA last night, Shaq did it again. At the end of the show, he gets up with his shirt and jacket on… to reveal that his slacks are off, and that he’s showing off his drawers. Shaq then walks off the set before doing a little dance to end the show.

What may have been more traumatizing was the video that TNT played as he was walking off the set, showing Shaq on the beach in a pink Speedo, with SHAQ written on the back of them. Yeah… a little much. You can say what you want to say about Shaq’s analysis or his actual announcing ability, but the fact remains that he’s really adding another level of entertainment to Inside the NBA, and is meshing well with the rest of the hosts. I don’t think any of us expected something like this to happen, though. I guess we need to take the good with the bad with Shaq.

[h/t: Cosby Sweaters]

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