Back when ESPN announced their new NBA studio, we knew that it would be a terrible idea.  In fact, anyone with a working television likely knew it was a bad idea.  ESPN went to a studio crew of Jon Barry, Mike Wilbon, Chris Broussard, and Magic Johnson to try and create some sense of watchability and chemistry.  

They have also tried to channel CBS’s NFL Today and have each member of the studio crew call highlights… including Magic Johnson.  Also, bad idea.  Magic Johnson makes Shannon Sharpe look like the Howard Cosell of highlights.  The following video came from tonight’s halftime show during the late night Clippers-Heat game.  Magic does his best to excitedly take us through an overtime win for the Lakers in Utah.  This includes getting the score wrong, players wrong, and just getting the English language wrong in general.  Oh, and general Lakers homerism… not that we would expect anything different from Magic.  If ESPN wants fans to take their NBA studio seriously, they have dozens of professional anchors to read highlights.  (Robert Flores, Jay Harris, Kevin Negandhi, and Stan Verrett just to name a few.)  If they want fans to enjoy one of the all-time greats on the court turn into the Kwame Brown of highlights, then they’re doing a fine job as is…


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