cbs tebowing
Big Time Timmy Jim came through in the clutch once again as he connected with Demaryius Thomas for an improbable 80-yard touchdown pass on the opening play of overtime to clinch the Broncos victory. The Broncos overcame a late Steelers comeback and referee Ron Winters lengthy explanation of the new playoff OT rules. I’m ashamed to admit this, but I missed this play live as I flipped to hockey during the commercial break before OT started because I thought a Tebow 80-yard pass would be the last thing to happen in the few seconds that I missed. Fortunately, my neighbor’s shrieking through the walls alerted me to flip back immediately. Previously we posted Nantz’ call, now we give to you Dave Logan from Broncos radio 850-KOA’s call.

“THE CROWD HAS LOST THEIR MINDS” is the obvious highlight to me. I know I did. I immediately logged onto my Facebook, Twitter, Friendster, MySpace and WUPHF accounts and updated all of my status’ as “TEBOWWWWWWWW!1!!1!!” to let everyone know what just happened. Tebow advancing in the playoffs sets up an exciting week of Tebowcenter and pundits trolling nonstop. The Broncos will get a rematch with the Patriots next Saturday night in Foxboro.  

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