Chris Berman currently leads one of AA's Decision 2012 primaries to have a chance at possibly taking Craig James' place on our Mount Rushmore.  File the following clip as Exhibit A in his campaign.  These 16 seconds leading out of his MNF halftime barrage is quintessential Berman.

Not only does Berman get in a randomly predictable Columbus Day reference, he also delivers an attempted Australian accent for Arian Foster that's more painful than McBain stand up.  Out of all of Chris Berman's nicknames and antics, "ARIAN FOSTER: HOUSTONIAN FOR TOUGH!" may be the most forced.  That's saying something.  Given the choice, I'll take the jammed in Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria joke any day.

Just remember, you're still going to be seeing this same schtick for the next several years.

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