Across the pond, the biggest story in sports is the return of soccer hero Thierry Henry to former team Arsenal of the English Premier League.  Henry, currently of the NY Red Bulls of MLS, returned to glory helping Arsenal defeat Leeds in the FA Cup 3rd Round while on loan from the American side.  Heck, the fact that a current MLS player won an important game in England’s most prestigious knockout tournament should be a big story on this side of the pond, as well.

Instead, the most talked about clip from the Arsenal/Leeds game may be the following video. Before the match, former Arsenal defender Martin Keown is discussing the match with Robbie Savage, once named the dirtiest player in the EPL.  Hey, it’s English Rodney Harrison!  While Keown is about to answer a question, he’s rudely interrupted by a stray shot.  True pro that he is, he shakes it off without much bother.  Then again, it’s probably not the first time he’s taken a ball off the old coconut.

After seeing a cricket commentator suffer this close call and a cricket cameraman wipe out on a Segway, it’ll be interesitng to see how the next gaffe from overseas tries to top ones we’ve already seen.  At this rate, we could start a new weekly feature now that the Dickies and Pammies are on hiatus.  Meanwhile, let’s try to find a way for someone to nail Trent Dilfer with several dozen warm-up throws next year on Monday Night Countdown.  

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