One of AA’s favorites is impassioned White Sox cheerleader and play by play man Hawk Harrelson.  Hawk’s antics are legendary in these circles, but today may have been one of his best all-time moments.  This rant is right up there with Hawk going after Joe West a couple years ago.

Today with the White Sox in Tampa Bay, home plate umpire Mark Wegner abruptly ejected White Sox pitcher Jose Quintana for throwing behind Ben Zobrist.  Enjoy this rant that sounds like it comes from the bleacher bums in Major League or your local watering hole (thanks to Business Insider for the new video)…

“Oh what are you doin??? He threw him out of the ball game??? You’ve got to be BLEEPIN me??  What in the hell are you doing?  What are you doing Wegner???  You’ve gotta be kiddin me!! That is so bad that is absolutely brutal!! That is unbelievable!!  I’ll tell ya what, they have got to start making guys be accountable, that is totally absurd.  That just tells you… here’s an umpire in the American League that knows nothing about the game of baseball.”

If I’m the White Sox, I just say the heck with it and let Hawk Harrelson rant and cuss and call umpires by their last names on a permanent basis moving forward.  His antics are much more entertaining this way!

H/T Chris Timberlake via Thomas Beisner

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