Perhaps New England’s best tight end was not pleased with the Patriots receivers after last night’s heartbreaking loss in Super Bowl XLVI to the Giants. The “positive energy” Gisele Bundchen pleaded for did not spread to the Patriot receivers as some of their gaffes will likely be looked at as being the difference maker. Most notably was a dropped pass by Wes Welker in the final minutes that is made “100 out of 100 times” that likely would have clinched the game and also an unlikely interception when Chase Blackburn out battled a limited Rob Gronkowski.

All of this added up to a Giants win and a chance for New Yorkers to test out their newly minted bragging rights over Boston starting with Gisele following the game. Some scoundrel heckles her saying “ELI RULZ!!! ELI OWNS YER HUSBAND” and she offered this NSFW comment waiting for an elevator, which of course was caught on film by a gossip website.

“You’ve got to catch the ball when you’re supposed to catch the ball. My husband cannot f’n throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time.”

I don’t know, just last weekend I saw NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers do exactly that play for outstanding results.

The loss will be a bitter one for Brady as he will probably sulk by frolicking around on island beaches for much of the offseason with his supermodel wife. What a shame. 

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