If you’re a fan of high quality, behind the scenes documentaries or the EPL, this is great news for you.  Fox Soccer will team up with Liverpool FC to produce a documenatry chronicling the team’s FA Cup Final against Chelsea, the end of the English Premier League season, and their North American tour this summer.  Here’s the details from The Gaffer at EPL Talk

FOX Soccer will produce and air a six-episode original documentary, which will provide viewers with behind-the-scenes footage of Liverpool Football Club from the end of the 2011-12 Premier League season, and this season’s FA Cup Final through to Liverpool’s summer US tour. The documentary, entitled “Our Liverpool: Never Walk Alone,” is scheduled for release during the fall of 2012.

“Our Liverpool: Never Walk Alone” will be produced by Scott Boggins (formerly of HBO’s 24/7 boxing documentary series). Through five seasons, HBO’s 24/7 has earned 33 Emmy nominations, winning 14 times. Boggins’ most recent work includes around-the-clock access to boxing title bouts featuring Floyd Mayweather vs. Victor Ortiz (2011) and Manny Pacquiao vs. Ricky Hatton (2009). Boggins also ran point on 24/7’s insider coverage of the NHL’s Washington Capitals and Pittsburgh Penguins in the build-up to the 2011 NHL Winter Classic. His portfolio also includes 24/7 work centered upon NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson, the college football rivalry between Ohio State and Michigan, and additional boxing projects featuring Joe Calzaghe and Roy Jones

For the purposes of the documentary series, Liverpool will provide unprecedented access to Boggins and his film crew. According to FOX Soccer, never before have cameras been allowed inside the Liverpool changing room at Anfield.

As a fan of Liverpool and a soccer fan, this is extraordinary news, and what a coup for Fox Soccer Channel.  This is the kind of high quality, original programming that can help a network grow by leaps and bounds.  Yes, you can be skeptical that Liverpool would only allow this kind of access for little more than a positive PR piece after a season of tumult.  However, the behind the scenes look at one of the world’s most renowned football clubs for an American audience is a massive score for Fox Soccer.  Liverpool’s American owners, Fenway Sports Group, are wise to allow this kind of access and build an American audience/fanbase for the club.  During their North American tour in this way as Liverpool will play what amounts to a “home game” in Boston as part of their tour.

It’s an ambitious effort from Fox Soccer and one that shows Fox Sports as a whole is very serious about soccer as they build towards the 2018 and 2022 World Cup.  Their presentation of the Champions League has improved and these original series are largely an untapped market for them.  If this documentary can even come close to 24/7 and other successful series, Fox Soccer will be the true winners in this deal.

(H/T EPL Talk)