Showtime Boxing held a card Friday night and invited onto the broadcast team former judge Chuck Giampa as a ringside analyst to add insights from a judge’s perspective.  I can imagine the role being something similar to that of Harold Lederman at HBO.  Before one of last night’s fights, Showtime Boxing host Al Bernstein introduces Giampa as a man with many years of experience as an esteemed ringside judge, scoring 132 championship fights.  Unfortunately, that ringside experience didn’t exactly crossover to the television side.

As Al Bernstein throws it to Chuck Giampa for what exactly he’ll do throughout the fight, Giampa freezes like he’s about to be hit with a Joe Frazier left hook.  Chuck is able to get out, “Thanks Al, tonight I will be taking you inside the mind of a judge…” before stopping dead in his tracks.  He then tries to begin again by repeating himself and then giving up entirely and uttering the most despondent “shit” ever heard on a sportscast.  The segment comes to a close with an arena shot and Bernstein trying to pick up the pieces after the disaster.  I do hope Chuck Giampa recovers and has a solid career in television, but this is right up there amongst the worst television debuts in the history of sports.  

Somewhere, the Shockmaster feels pity for Chuck Giampa…


Thanks to Tim Starks at The Queensbury Rules at Bloguin for the tip!

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