During a Tuesday interview on the Boston-area Mut & Merloni show, former Red Sox pitcher (and current ESPN analyst) Curt Schilling blasted Bobby Valentine, saying (among other things), “I don’t think this is going well. And I think it’s going bad quicker than I expected it to,” referring to Valentine’s brief tenure thus far as Red Sox manager.

I know Schilling has a vested stake in this, being a former Red Sox legend and a loyalist to former manager (and current ESPN co-worker) Terry Francona, but jeez, can’t the guy even get a chance during the regular season? 

Schilling also said he felt, “Bobby’s trying to re-invent the game. I don’t think players have ever responded well to that.” After last season’s beer and fried chicken fueled collapse in September, it’s clear to me that the Red Sox management wants to re-invent their clubhouse culture, and the hiring of Valentine and ouster of former manager Francona was the first step taken towards curing that.

I do agree with Schilling on one thing, though. Disagreements happen between the GM and manager all the time, and they’re happening frequently with Valentine and GM Ben Cherington. Schilling mentions, “If it truly is a power struggle, then one of those two guys is an ex-something waiting to happen.” Considering that Cherington didn’t even want to hire Valentine and was essentially forced into it by ownership, I can really see this blowing up sooner rather than later. If that does happen, the criticism of Bobby V will be at a fever pitch.

If this is the Curt Schilling that is going to be trotted out this season on ESPN airwaves, I say BRING IT ON. It’s refreshing to see candor from an analyst as opposed to the filtered talking points that you’ve heard for years.

[h/t: WEEI]


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