ESPN once again aired a Super Bowl week special “The Champions” which featured all most of their Super Bowl winning analysts on the same set.  Given that ESPN has a battalion of NFL analysts, you can imagine this set would be more than a little crowded.  The show was hosted by Mike Tirico and featured analysts (from left to right, first row then second row) Mike Ditka, Jon Gruden, Steve Young, Jerry Rice, Keyshawn Johnson, Antonio Pierce, Tedy Bruschi, Mark Schlereth, and Trent Dilfer.  I’m exhausted just listing all those names, let alone watching the show.  The 2011 ESPN NFL analyst yearbook photos must have been taken directly afterwards…

I just feel sorry for all the Super Bowl winning analysts at ESPN that didn’t make the cut for the show.  Where was third-time ESPN analyst Bill Parcells?  Darren Woodson won three Super Bowls and he’s actually one of ESPN’s best analysts!  Eric Mangini won titles as an assistant with the Patriots and Damien Woody won two rings too.  Unfortunately for them, they must have been placed on the inactive list for this Champions special.  

A more entertaining choice would have been seeing all the ESPN Super Bowl winning analysts play an actual game against the Indianapolis Colts.

H/T CaptTouchback

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