I’m a little torn about the rise of Tim Kurkijan impersonations. I do a pretty good one myself and have had it in my back pocket for over a decade. It’s brought me fame, fortune, and women that even Wilt Chamberlain would be jealous of. But alas, all of this occured in a pre social media world and now, I can barely book a Bar Mitzvah or fantasy draft for a measly $10 appearance.

First there was Toronto Blue Jays catcher J.P. Arencibia to offer his best Tim Kurkjian impression.  The newest Kurkjianite to be added to the fray is Rays second baseman/shortstop Elliot Johnson. The advantage of being legitimately famous as major league baseball players leads to many wanna-be impressionists with results varying widely.  But with the promotion of Baseball Tonight and the blessing of the nasally legend himself, the two have gone what the kids call these days “viral” with their Kurkjian impersonations. 

Below is Johnson’s effort and while it is pretty good, I tend to favor Arencibia’s as he was a bit more animated.  


Here is Arencibia’s for comparison. Arencibia seemed to mimic the body language a bit more accurately and was more entertaining overall.

Who do you think does a better Kurkijan?

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