Legendary Hockey Night in Canada star Don Cherry was at it again on Saturday. Cherry actually made a solid point about the Toronto Maple Leafs, saying that every team in the NHL had at least one player from Ontario… aside from Ontario’s biggest team, the Leafs, who seem to be loaded with American players in the mold of their general manager, Brian Burke.

Cherry then makes some pretty strong allegations that Burke tried to get him fired from his job at CBC, and then proceeds to taunt him, demanding that he try to fire him. Of course, we all know that there’s no way in hell that CBC would be crazy enough to fire Cherry, the face of their hockey coverage.

This was a pretty vicious rant towards one of the most popular teams in the country. Could you imagine if Vin Scully hopped on a soapbox during a Dodgers broadcast and started going off on Ned Coletti and his fetish towards slap hitting middle infielders? It’s madness, and part of the reason why Cherry is such a Canadian icon. For the record, I think the points he made were actually pretty valid. Imagine if the New York Yankees were all internationally born players and they didn’t make the playoffs for three straight years. Even though the hypothetical may not resonate in the same way, I really doubt that would go over very well in the mainstream.

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