When I think of people that would be in line to criticize MLB on Fox analyst Tim McCarver, plenty of individuals immediately come to mind (including the entire staff of this site). But one name I never would have pinned was legendary CBC hockey commentator Don Cherry. Cherry took issue with McCarver on his Twitter page (yes, Don Cherry tweets too!) because he jinxed Ryan Vogelsong's no-hitter on Sunday night in Game 6 of the NLCS.  

Wait… what???

This is crazy. Cherry's main issue with McCarver isn't his rambling style, random sayings, and loss of touch with the game of baseball, but him jinxing a no hitter in progress? Saying McCarver "sold his soul" to some unknown power of darkness? It's true, maybe Cherry just felt bored with no NHL topics to rant about.

The concept of an announcer jinxing a no hitter and having some concrete role in the outcome of a baseball game is a backwards superstition. Come to think of it, given Cherry's old school mentality maybe it makes sense why he would take issue with it. But, McCarver did the right thing in actually telling viewers what was actually happening.

Now if only Tim McCarver had a comeback about Don Cherry's wardrobe. Then we'd really take a trip into bizarro world.

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