On Saturday, College Gameday was in Vanderbilt for their game with Kentucky. The Commodores lost the game 69-63 despite the homecourt edge, but UK fans were rubbed the wrong way before the game started thanks to ESPN analyst Digger Phelps’s pre-Gameday speech to the crowd, which had a large Kentucky contingent throughout.

“We’ve been with you at Kentucky.  This is Vandy’s home game… listen to me… listen to me… it’s their home game, you are a part of it, but you show respect for Vandy.  I don’t want any nonsense, I don’t want any incidents.  Don’t ruin this for College Gameday.”

As you see in the video, Phelps told the Kentucky fans that, essentially, they needed to behave and be respectful to Vanderbilt, because it was their home game and he didn’t want Big Blue Nation to “ruin” their show. Well what fun does that make things? Could you imagine if before the Iron Bowl, Kirk Herbstreit grabbed a mic and told the Auburn fans who were assembled at Bryant-Denny Stadium that they needed to respect the Tide and not “ruin this for College Gameday?”

What a sanctimonious, ridiculous move from Digger Phelps. I also like how he decided to drag the serviceman out after his little speech to gain favor from the entire crowd. If you try to control a fanbase that’s invading a road game, all you’re going to do is rile them up even more and cause more issues. Did Digger honestly think UK fans would hear this speech and think, “he’s right. We need to respect Vandy and keep our emotions in check. This is THEIR court and HIS television show!” Please. 

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