Perhaps Robert Montgomery Knight had a long night on Bourbon Street with the Final Four in New Orleans and the ESPN Gameday crew on site in the Big Easy.  After a segment with John Anderson and Len Elmore, we’re thrown back to the main set with host Rece Davis, Hubert Davis, Digger Phelps, Brian Fantana, and Bobby Knight.  When we join the main set, Knight is either sleeping, suffering from a terrible headache, intently studying his notes… or Tebowing at his desk.  Knight is looking down at the ground and Digger Phelps not-so-subtlely taps his elbow to bring him back to consciousness.  You have to love how smoothly Knight casually rises from his slumber and/or trance.  Is sleeping on the set another example of ESPN allowing Bobby Knight to play by his own rules?  Eh, probably not.  Maybe he just had a wild night partying with his newfound friends from Kentucky, he has learned to say the word after all…


[H/T HUUNH, RL Bynum]

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