The broadcasting situation out in Phoenix is very interesting this offseason. After dismissing last season's pairing (at the start at least) of Daron Sutton and Mark Grace after a tumultuous year, the Arizona Diamondbacks are looking at a variety of options for their commentary roles.

Two of the announcers they are looking at spent 2012 working for Chicago teams: Steve Stone of the White Sox and Bob Brenly of the Cubs. Stone eliminated himself from consideration on Wednesday during a radio interview, pledging that he'd remain in the White Sox booth with Hawk Harrelson for 2013 after skepticism he may have grown weary of working with Hawk. As for Brenly? Well, Diamondbacks president Derrick Hall made no secret about wanting to bring the former manager back to the desert, referring to him as "Lob Lenly" and saying that the team was very interested in bringing him aboard.

But another even more interesting name surfaced late on Wednesday that raised eyebrows: ESPN's Steve Berthiaume. reports the club and Berthiaume have apparently had discussions about the position. The Diamondbacks pulling Berthiaume from the clutches of Bristol would certainly be a coup, even if he has spent nearly all of the last decade plus as an anchor for SportsCenter, ESPNEWS, and Baseball Tonight.

Who knew that the Diamondbacks of all teams would be going through such an extensive process to find commentators?

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