Ryan Dempster and Derek Holland are two MLB pitchers known for their impressions and humorous antics.  Both have made their Harry Caray impersonations a major pitch in the comedic arsenal.  It just so happens that with Dempster's trade from Chicago to Texas, the two are on the same pitching staff and can now take their Dueling Harry Carays act on the road together!  While the two might not be the next Martin & Lewis, there's better chemistry here than you'll ever see on Whitney or some other godforsaken sitcom.  You have to think there's potential with this.  Network appearances, Vegas shows, Who's On First readings, even straight to DVD releases have to be in the ballpark for these two.  If none of those work out, how many readers would rather have Dueling Harry Carays than Joe Buck & Tim McCarver in the booth for the World Series?