Our Americanized population may not be aware of this, but this Sunday in Toronto, the CFL will be staging the 100th Grey Cup. (Our own Andrew Bucholtz heads up Yahoo's 55 Yard Line CFL blog so go there for coverage.) This year, the Calgary Stampeders will be taking on the Toronto Argonauts and the game is televised Sunday night on NBC Sports Network at 6 PM.

But not all of Canada is enthused by the Grey Cup. David Menzies of Toronto's Sun News Network went on this bizarre rant, calling for a boycott of the Grey Cup (and all things CFL for that matter) because of the CFL's usage of yards on the football field as opposed to meters.

In this bizarre rant, Menzies calls out the "measurement czars" (actual quote) in Canada's national capital for allowing the CFL to continue to use the imperial system for measuring the field of play, and asserts the CFL is an "illegal league." Remember: this is on a national news network, not some sort of niche channel or YouTube. 

Finally, at the end of his nonsensical rant, Menzies essentially shrugs his shoulders and says "or maybe I'll watch anyway." Could you imagine a Skip Bayless rant about Tim Tebow that leads to him saying "or maybe Mark Sanchez gives the Jets a better chance to win" after a rant? This is just Menzies trolling for the sake of trolling, which gives him the distinct honor of being the Canadian Bayless, if Skip obsessed about important topics like weights and measures.

[55-Yard Line]

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