CNBC sports business reporter Darren Rovell has become synonymous with Twitter like no other man in sports… and maybe even the world.  He has his own Twitter rules to live by and gotten involved in Twitter fracases with late night writers, political correspondents, and Playboy models over his tweets.  He’s also engaged in epic Twitter battles with sportswriters Richard Deitsch and Richard Sandomir.  On Tuesday, Darren Rovell welcomed his daughter Harper to the world.  A birth is always a cool thing and whatever you feel about Rovell, congrats to him and his family on their new little bundle of joy.  

But along with that nice news, Darren Rovell did about the most Darren Rovell thing possible in the known universe.  He announced the news with a tweet… and revealed that his newborn infant had her own Twitter account.


In case you were wondering, Harper Rovell only follows the old man on Twitter (no word on whether or not her mum is as social media savvy) and already has several hundred followers.  Fellow Twitterers are also messaging the newborn ranging from congratulations on entering our brave new world to offers for help.

And in case you were really wondering (which I’m not so sure of at this stage), Harper Rovell sent her first tweet on Wednesday…

And… errr… you knew this would happen…


There’s a certain small percentage of the population that would think of creating and managing a Twitter account for your days old child.  By small percentage, I’m referring to Darren Rovell and Darren Rovell only.  It’s, well, different.  I think Rovell is a smart enough guy to be in on the joke given the way Twitter has defined him… unless, it really is a newborn tweeting, but I haven’t been able to confirm that as of yet.

One thing’s for sure, young Harper is going to have to improve her material to be a Twitter success.  Baby jokes?  Isn’t that a little cliche?  Doesn’t she have thoughts on the quality of Playboy models, the best Jeremy Lin sellers on Ebay, or various fried foods like her pops?  I’ll give young Harper a break though, it’s her first day.  

I for one can’t wait for her first Twitter fight with Snooki’s future offspring.

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