Earlier today on his radio show, Dan Patrick called out ESPN Radio host Colin Cowherd for what he perceived to be stealing Patrick’s work.  To get you caught up on the controversy, it revolves around quotes made by NFL Network analyst Kurt Warner.  The former Cardinals QB made news yesterday by saying on The Dan Patrick Show that the thought of his children playing professional football scared him.  Here’s the quote from Warner on Patrick’s show regarding his sons playing football:

“It scares me. They both have the dream like Dad to play in the NFL. That’s their goal and when you hear things like the bounty and knowing things having played the game and when you understand the size the speed the violence of the game and you couple that with situations like Junior Seau. So it scares me as a Dad.”

Later in the morning, Cowherd had Warner on The Herd and started the interview with this question:

“You know Kurt yesterday on the tragic death of Junior Seau one of the first things I thought about was the effect it’s going to have on the game long term and mothers and fathers saying, you know what, I’m out.  There’s no way I want my kids playing this game.  You’ve got kids, where do you fall on that Kurt?”

There was no reference to Warner’s interview with Patrick earlier that same morning where he addressed his concerns of his children playing football.  With Junior Seau’s tragic suicide and the Saints bounty punishment dominating the headlines, Warner’s children is an interesting place to start the interview… seemingly where Patrick’s conversation with the former QB left off.  Clearly, Patrick felt that Cowherd had lifted the question from his own interview with Warner.  Today, at the top of his show, Patrick fired shots at Cowherd for what he called laziness in taking Patrick’s questioning without attribution.

Patrick on Cowherd: “You were lazy yesterday and you know that.”

For his part, Cowherd responded on Twitter and defended himself to those questioning him for what happened yesterday with Kurt Warner.  Cowherd claimed the two lines of questioning were unrelated and replied by saying Dan Patrick “isn’t on his radar” in a tweet that also included the Dan Patrick Show Twitter page itself!  More shots fired!

Cowherd’s comments on Twitter may raise eyebrows because shows all across ESPN’s television side credited Warner’s interview with Patrick and not Cowherd for comments about his children playing football.  Patrick has made his voice heard when he has felt slighted by ESPN before, but this is one of his strongest volleys at Bristol and Cowherd specifically.

What do you think, coincidence that isn’t a big deal, or is Patrick right to be angry at Cowherd for taking a line of questioning without attribution?  Whatever the case, it’ll be worth watching closely to see if any more skirmishes arise between two of sports radio’s biggest talkers.

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