Dan Le Batard Is Highly Questionable has had a steady run as part of ESPN2’s new afternoon lineup.  Parts of the show are good, like some of Le Batard’s interviews and the interaction with his father.  Still, the style of the show has yet to really grow on a lot of viewers.  However, Dan Le Batard has given some of his thoughtful analysis across a variety of platforms regarding the recent Ozzie Guillen comments regarding Fidel Castro.   Of course, Guillen’s insensitive comments have earned him a five game suspension.

As a Cuban-American from South Florida, Le Batard has a valuable and unique perspective to offer.  However, a man with an even more valuable perspective on what the name Fidel Castro means to Cuban-Americans in South Florida is Dan Le Batard’s father Gonzalo, affectionately known as Papi.  In this video shared by DHLQ’s Twitter page, Dan gets Papi to open up about fleeing Castro’s Cuba, the challenge of life in the United States, and the Cuba he left behind.


A couple of stark takeaways hit you as you watch the video.  First of all, it’s a reminder to an entire generation of people that Fidel Castro isn’t some cartoon character who smokes a cigar and wears a military uinform at all times.  The man was/is a brutal dictator, and it’s hard for anyone outside of the Cuban-American population to judge how hurtful Ozzie Guillen’s words are to that community.

Second, why wasn’t this discussion aired on DLHQ, instead of released as a YouTube extra?  Hopefully the segment will air on teleision because it’s this type of thoughtful discussion that could go a long, long way in presenting a different side of ESPN2’s day-to-day commentary.  Compare this heartfelt, meaningful discussion to this and you’ll see the chasm in meaningful content that ESPN could begin to close fairly easily.  Please ESPN2, more honest discussion about real issues, and less manufactured debate and schtick.

**Update: DHLQ’s Twitter page has said it will air footage of Papi’s discussion of Castro and Cuba on this afternoon’s program, which seems to be very appropriate considering the above video.


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