This is Savalace Townsend from Arkansas Pine-Bluff, one of those tiny schools that makes the NCAA tournament once in a blue moon, and then is always in the play-in game. Anyway, they were playing Grambling State and Townsend absolutely destroys a Grambling State player like something you’d see on a Blake Griffin highlight reel.

And now, the reason why we’re here: the announcer’s call of the incredible dunk. He’s so muted, so understated. “Are you kidding me?” Instead of sounding like he’s calling one of the craziest plays he’ll see during this or any season, he’s talking like a baseball announcer that sees a single up the middle in the 8th inning of a 9-2 game. You know that sound in an announcer’s voice, that bored, disinterested type of voice… kind of like Joe Buck doing a baseball game. 

At any rate, it was a phenomenal dunk by Townsend that really got downplayed by a tepid call. This is why Gus Johnson needs to be cloned about 100 times, ladies and gentlemen.

[h/t: Ballin Is A Habit]

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