Tomorrow night is the Texas Republican primary for the Senate race we’ve been talking about with our favorite former ESPN analyst Craig James featured prominently. With the polls opening in mere hours, here’s what James’ chances are looking like.

That’s right, James is polling at 3% the day before the election, locked in a tight battle with “Undecided” (who he trails) and “Other” (who he holds a slim advantage over). With the 4.5% margin of error, it’s quite possible that James actually doesn’t have any supporters, but he could also have 1%… which would probably be eternally more satisfying at the end of the day.

Think about this though, there are more undecided voters than James supporters! This seems like a joke, but it’s all so true and perfect. Why not just throw James in with the “Other” candidates, since he’s barely ahead of that pace?

I wonder what the mood is at James’ camp right now. Perhaps they feel exactly how Mike Leach felt when James was trying to get him fired…

[H/T: Will Brinson]

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