We’re one month and three days away from the May 29th Republican Primary for the United States Senate seat in the great state of Texas.  With the primary approaching, we finally have a new poll to update you on the campaign trail of Craig James.  Have his amateur campaign videos created a surge of momentum?  Sadly for all who love nepotism and crappy announcing, the answer is no.  James is still polling in last place in the Texas Senate primary at 7% thanks to the latest effort from Public Policy Polling.  In case you’re interested, David Dewhurst’s lead has been cut to 12 points over Ted Cruz 38%-26% with Tom Leppert at 8%.  At least Craig’s 7% is better than the 4% he was polling at earlier in the year and beats out the 4% registered by “Someone else” in the new poll.  That has to be a moral victory in and of itself.

James’ campaign has gone so poorly, even the PPP takes this humorous dig at the former ESPN commenator.  Basically, the only chance Democrats have of winning the seat come the general election is if the “unpopular” James pulls off a miracle and somehow gets enough dead pets to vote for him to win ala Sideshow Bob:

The only real chance Democrats have at winning this race is if the unpopular James somehow won the nomination. He leads the Democrats by considerably more narrow margins than the rest of the GOP field- it’s just 4 points at 40-36 over Sadler and 6 points at 41-35 over Hubbard.

Ouch.  James’ favorable/unfavorable numbers aren’t encouraging for his public persona.  He’s polling at a 14% favorable rate, 21% favorable, and incredibly at this stage in the campaign, 65% of those surveyed have no opinion on James.  Hasn’t this Senate race been going on for months and months?  James is the only one of the four candidates to have a higher unfavorability rating than favorability rating at this point of the primary.


Is nobody watching those Youtube videos?  Impossible!!!  Don’t Texas voters remember Craig bathing himself in glory at SMU?  Weren’t the good people of Texas lining the streets in the pursuit of justice for his crusade against Mike Leach?  It’s not like James’ Twitter page only has 1,200 followers and his Youtube channel has 18 subscribers or anything.

Looking at further splits in James’ favorability ratings shows another interesting tidbit – he rates worse with men than he does women.  One would think a former NFL player would find some love in the male demographic, except those are also the people more in touch with his controversial/unethical media career.  James’ favorable/unfavorable splits are 13/15 for women and 15/27 for men.

Basically, women really don’t know who Craig James is and men really don’t like what they do know.  And that pretty much summarizes Craig James For Senate 2012 as we count down the days to the end of his first run for office.  Given his doomed political campaign and controversial media career, cable news contributor is the perfect next step, right?

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