As promised, we at AA have been closely following Craig James’ doomed political run in Texas.  What with the former ESPN analyst polling in at 4% and his unfavoribility numbers much higher, James’ campaign has to be getting desperate.  Well, with the latest ad from the James campaign, it seems the disgraced analyst is making a direct, desperate plea to explain why he’s running for Senate.  You know, that’s an excellent question.  Why is this ex-football player running for Senate, besides the fact he’s a corrupt, lying buffoon?

As always, James talks about Washington being “off its rails” and that he will fix the problems with “simple solutions” and “common sense.”  Of course, I’m sure simple is a word many would use to describe what must go on in the mind of Craig James.  

James also talks about going outside of his comfort zone, you know, the zone that involves getting head coaches fired, fighting your petulant son’s battles, and rumors of dead hookers.  That’s exactly the type of life Franklin and Jefferson and the rest of the Founding Fathers imagined, right?  We might soon be able to add perjurer to that list as well.  

There’s no official word from James if he’s filimed his latest ad straight from “Real Street”.  However, in a letter to President Obama before his State of the Union, James encourages him to “deal with the issues that face the American people living on Real Street.”  We’re working to confirm if James’ next letter was to Santa Claus asking for a new BB gun for Christmas.  Don’t stop now Craig!  I’m sure the Real Street Express will take off very soon… maybe even to 5% in the polls!