Craig Carton from WFAN-New York’s “Boomer and Carton” show takes it to Hank Haney, for writing a book about Tiger Woods: “The Big Miss.” Haney defends the book itself as positive, in regards to how it portrays Tiger Woods, and Carton is a asserting that it was a violation of Woods’ trust.  The interview and exchanges grow increasingly heated as the interview drags on; culminating with Haney hanging up well after twenty minutes. You can see the interview for yourself, in it’s entirety:


Check the transcript for some of the juiciest quotes after the jump…

Carton discusses Elin’s name being referenced in the book…

CARTON: You talk about his wife in the book.

HANEY: I talk about his wife only in areas where it pertains to his golf. The first time I talk about his wife is when she asked Tiger, “What are we going to do to celebrate?” And Tiger said, “We don’t celebrate victories like this because…”

CARTON: Hank, you talked about the icy stares between the two of them after the accident when you saw him on the range outside of his house. What’s that got to do with golf?

Carton then challenges Haney’s fame being made off Tiger…

CARTON: But it doesn’t matter. Don’t you think it’s a violation?

HANEY: I don’t feel like it was.

CARTON: You don’t see that Tiger Woods allowed you into his world, obviously paid you I assume a decent amount of money to be his coach. Without Tiger Woods, you’re not getting TV shows, you’re not writing books. And you don’t view it as a basic violation of the man’s trust?

Haney dodges a question if the roles were reversed…

CARTON: Would you feel violated if someone did it to you?

HANEY: Would I feel violated if someone did it to me? I didn’t do that. I kept everything in the book that was personal.

CARTON: It’s a simple question: would you feel violated if someone did it to you?

HANEY: There are so many things I left out of this book that would have been going way beyond the line that I…

CARTON: Well, that’s a cheap threat right there, c’mon.

CARTON: It’s a salacious book to make money.

HANEY: No, it’s not a salacious book.

CARTON: What was your advance? How much?

HANEY: Guys, we’re going to have to agree to disagree.

CARTON: How much money were you paid to write the book?

HANEY: That’s totally irrelevant.

As the interview goes on, it becomes awkward, then acrimonious…

CARTON: What do you think the general opinion is? Overall, outside of the guys who will kiss your ass like the guys who will kiss my ass and Boomer’s ass and Tiger’s ass, what do you think overall the perception of your book is, Hank?

HANEY: It’s perception into the greatness that is Tiger Woods. That’s the feedback that I am hearing

CARTON: Am I the first guy to give you a hard time about breaking that trust?

HANEY: You’re definitely the most vocal and you’re the only one who yelled and screamed and called me a coward.

And that is just a small sample of what happened during the first seventeen minutes of the twenty-three minute long interview.  Check it out.

[h/t:, video via Bob’s Blitz Youtube]

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