Comcast Corp. reached a 10-year deal with Walt Disney on Wednesday, giving Comcast’s customers access to ABC and Disney’s cable networks’ live and on-demand content from their computers, iPhones and iPads. Watching on your computer has already been around in some respects, but this means for the first time ever you will have the privilege of watching ESPN and ESPN2 on your portable devices, too — in line at the grocery store, at your wife’s friend’s wedding, on the john, etc., if you just can’t get enough of the WWL.

In conjunction with the NFL/NBC announcement that the 2012 playoffs will be available for live online streaming for the first time ever, an analyst at Evercore Partners, Inc. suggests we’re seeing a logical progression

“This is where the industry is going,” Kraft said in an interview. “You’re going to see more agreements that allow distribution of content both inside and outside the home. It’s the logical progression.”

I think we’ve all been in that dark place, stuck at DSW with the in-laws in the middle of that big, important game while our idle iPhone is simply wasting battery life in our pocket. The future should be alleviating.

Business Insider – Comcast Will No Longer Block Customers From Watching ESPN On Their From iPads