Last week we told you Columbus radio host Scott Torgerson was suspended for a controversial and offensive tweet criticizing ESPN college football analyst Desmond Howard.  Today, the other shoe dropped for The Torg as he was let go by 97.1 The Fan in Columbus.  The station "future endeavored" Torg, appropriately enough, on their Twitter page…

To be honest, this isn't a surprise.  Once Kirk Herbstreit (still a very influential figure in Columbus, make no mistake) got involved publicly, it was always going to be difficult to see The Torg find a way back from his suspension.  Not to mention there must have been some pressure from above for the ESPN Radio affiliate in Columbus to disassociate themselves with Torgerson after he jokingly wished firing or death upon Desmond Howard.

It's always tough when someone loses their job and I do believe there's a case to be made both for keeping Torgerson and letting him go.  Torg made a mistake and apologized profusely for it, so some will say a suspension was enough and he learned his lesson.  Others will say Torg had this coming as a sports shock jock who makes a living pushing the envelope and eventually there would come a day when he wouldn't be able to pull it back.  I don't think there's a "right" answer in this case.  Regardless, it's an unfortunate situation all the way around and hopefully Torgerson is able to learn from it and move on.

Given the nature of "The Common Man & The Torg" and outspokenness of Torgerson's ex co-host Mike Ricordati (who has taken on Herbstreit himself), I would expect fireworks when their show comes on the air at 3 PM ET today if you're in the Columbus area.