Colin Cowherd is no stranger to offensive, grandiose generalizations that have no basis in reality.  Today, in light of another angry John Tortorella press conference, Cowherd turned his watchful, all-knowing eye to the hockey media that has been a thorn in Torts’ side.  No, Cowherd didn’t blame Tortorella for acting like a spoiled five year old that didn’t get to go to Chuck E. Cheese.  Instead, he went on the attack against “young, cheap” hockey writers.  That’s right, the Tortorella presser led Cowherd to step up on his soapbox and blast hockey writers and the sport they cover.  The entire rant is really something to behold.  This will definitely improve the public perception of ESPN’s relationship with the sport of hockey, which one exec said “didn’t transfer to a national discussion” if you’ll recall…


“You’re getting a lot of young, cheap people covering hockey and it’s not like newspapers send their best people to hockey.”

“Fox News doesn’t send Bill O’Reilly to a speed bump proposal in his hometown… hockey doesn’t get the cream of the crop in our business.”

“The guy covering the Florida Panthers, he was at a floral show early in the week.”

So to summarize, all you hockey writers are nobodies directly out of college who are being paid miniscule amounts to cover a sport you don’t want to while the real important people actually do important things.  After all, according to Cowherd, hockey is just a “speed bump” on the sports map.

For the record, George Richards has covered the Florida Panthers for the Miami Herald since 2004 and has also covered the Rose Bowl and Super Bowl and there are no posts in his timeline about being at a floral show. 

I wonder if Cowherd would like to ask men like Mike Emrick about hockey not getting “the cream of the crop in our business” while he’s at it.  

Nah, that wouldn’t be sensible.

[H/T Richard Deitsch]

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