As much as it may surprise you, not everyone is going to fall in love with LeBron James again now that he is an NBA champion.  In the cacophonous aftermath of the Miami Heat championship, no storyline is more baffling than this idea that LeBron James must be loved again now that he won a title.  (Although, you can make a point that all the grandstanding hyperbole in the aftermath of any championship these days is unbearable.  The final buzzer hadn’t even sounded in Game 5 and already analysts were making predictions about how many championships the Heat would win, LeBron’s legacy, LeBron’s likability, etc.)  No, it’s ok to still not be in love with LeBron James.  After all, a title doesn’t suddenly justify how he took his talents to South Beach… especially to the people of Northeast Ohio.  That’s where Cleveland weatherman Mark Johnson steps in with this weather report.  If only the NBA season ended in January instead of June…

(H/T gecarragher)

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