Although the calendar had just flipped to December, Jim Nantz joined Clark Kellogg for a rare early season telecast for CBS college basketball's top announce team Saturday.  The pair called the Kentucky-Baylor game… perhaps they needed a bit more time to be reacquainted with one another.

Kellogg is known in these parts for his never-before-seen love of using food analogies to spice up his basketball analysis.  (See what I did there?)  Kellogg's a good analyst, but there are several occasions he tries too hard to come up with an innovative way to describe something happening on the basketball court.  Sometimes this leaves viewers confused… and sometimes it leaves broadcast partners confused.  Take this minute long discussion during Saturday's game when Clark Kellogg introduced "gracile" to the basketball world.

Gracile is indeed a real world, but Jim Nantz had never heard of it as he thought Kellogg was making another random food analogy or even combining multiple words together.  Naturally, so did I.  The entire exchange between Nantz and Kellogg while play is going on in front of them is one of the more comical announcing interactions you'll see this year…

Jim Nantz is rarely ever stumped, but Kellogg managed to do just that Saturday with his use of the word gracile.  You have to feel for Nantz – Clark Kellogg digging deep into Merriam-Webster's dictionary is a long way from working with Phil Simms.

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