MLB Network host Chris Rose is adding another employer to his cap: the NFL Network. Rose will serve as a studio host for the channel, hosting the Sunday night Gameday Highlights and Gameday Final shows, as well as NFL Total Access on Thursday nights after the Thursday Night Football game. Rose is already hosting Intentional Talk on MLB Network, and is listed in a press release as a former host for Fox Sports, potentially signifying that his time hosting studio shows and doing play-by-play for them is over. Nevertheless, Rose will now work for two league networks simultaneously.

Rose will host Gameday Highilghts on Sunday at 7:30 PM along with Steve Mariucci and Deion Sanders, and will be joined on Sunday evenings at 11:30 PM on Gameday Final with Sanders, Marshall Faulk, and Michael Irvin. Considering how "interesting" the dynamic between Rose and Kevin Millar is on Intentional Talk, he might be better served with actual analysts on NFL Network. Sanders and Irvin both have loud personalities like Millar, but in a group setting, Rose might be able to temper them more instead of letting them run roughshod over the show.

This creates an interesting dynamic for the future. With NFL Network, Rose is actually doing something… well, significant, although he's really only going to be working two days of the week. With MLB Network, he's on-air five days a week, but the show is generally a mess of epic proportions that's barely watchable. If Rose wants to be taken more seriously, the NFL Network gig will serve him much better than MLB Network.

[h/t: Fang's Bites]

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