Hopefully the following video starts a meme – older sports figures reading the tweets of younger athletes.  On a trip to the MLB Fan Cave, Phillies manager Charlie Manuel was joined by one of his players, Shane Victorino, to read several of his own players’ tweets.  Manuel is 68 years old and naturally doesn’t have a Twitter page. (Of course there are several fake/parody accounts out therefor Manuel like there are for anyone else in the universe.)  Manuel’s deadpan humor in the following video is actually very effective.  He introduces himself as, “I’m Phillies manager Charlie Manuel, I have no idea what Twitter is.”

As Manuel reads several random Phillies tweets, he struggles to comprehend the unique verbage and use of symbols on Twitter, reading hashtags like #Nike as “pound Nike.”  Manuel is also bemused by the improper grammar of his players, Ice Cube songs, and Hunter Pence’s wild time with Pat Sajak.  (At least he didn’t read any awkward Hulk Hogan retweets about his daughter.)

I love this video.  If athletes are going to send out thousands upon thousands of pointless tweets, we should at least give them some redeeming aspect by having old men read them.  This idea definitely has the potential to surpass the esteemed “Where In The World Is Nikola Pekovic?” in terms of long-term ironic entertainment value….