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Terrell Owens is not happy these days. He’s a thirty-eight-year-old receiver that’s out of the NFL recovering from a serious knee injury that he might have suffered while filming his VH1 show. Many would argue his questionable injury status, diminishing stats, age and negative reputation make it quite obvious why TO’s future NFL prospects are bleak. According to Owens, those aren’t the reasons why he’s not in the NFL, instead this is what he had to say to Dallas radio station KESN-FM on this subject,

“(The reason) I didn’t get picked up was that a lot of general managers bought into the fact that the media thinks that I’m this bad guy, this rebel guy, this disruptive guy that divides and messes up team’s chemistry.”

And who could blame him? Didn’t you SEE him dominate in the 2012 Celebrity Beach Bowl? He looked fantastic! He made those celebrities out there look like amateurs!

TO Arquette

Sure, it does look like David Arquette might be bringing him down in that picture, but how soon do we forget that David Arquette was once a wrestling world champion?

hoge TO

Wait, scratch that entire thing. That’s the media’s Merril Hoge catching a ball in front of Owens. If you allow Hoge to get open/intercept a pass in front of you in the Celebrity Beach Bowl then you probably shouldn’t be taking up a roster spot in the NFL next year. Also, I feel like we are throwing around the word “celebrity” too much if Merril Hoge apparently qualifies as one.

You gotta hand it to Owens though. The stunning naivety of going on a media station and explaining that the media are to blame for his situation doesn’t even faze him. With Randy Moss announcing his return to the NFL, the market for malcontent aging WR’s who missed the 2011 season is heating up.

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