If any of our readers live in the Windermere area, or are looking to spread their wings a bit in purchasing their next home… and have a few extra million lying around, Warren Sapp's Florida mansion is going through a US bankuptcy auction November 1st.  Sapp's financial difficulties are well documented, and comes along at a time when athletes and their handling of finances are a topic of conversation in the sports world thanks to 30 for 30's Broke.  

If you're someone looking for a house that features all the stupid amenities only a millionaire pro athlete could have like a home theatre, wine cellar, library, lazy river (score!), and covered boat house, this could be the home for you! If someone were to buy it, hopefully they have enough money leftover for housekeeping help, as I can't even fathom the amount of energy and effort that it would take for the upkeep and cleaning of a property that gigantic!

(H/T @darrenrovell via @billycorben)

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