Brad Keselowski did in fact win his first NASCAR Sprint Cup championship on Sunday in Miami.  And boy did he celebrate the occasion.  After starting the party early on in the evening, Keselowski showed up for a SportsCenter interview with Kevin Connors with what appeared to be a several hundred ounce glass full of Miller Lite, Keselowski's sponsor.  Lucky guy.  Makes me wonder what Jimmie Johnson would have done for Lowe's.  Replace some drywall?  Party with Bob Vila?

Although Keselowski didn't let loose with the expletives this time, he did admit he was buzzed in the first ten seconds and even quoted Winston Churchill.  That's a refreshing change of pace from a NASCAR driver.  However, the clear winner in this interesting interview was Miller Lite.  Keselowski gave Miller Lite plenty of air time with that giant beer glass he just happened to enjoy along the way.  At least he held it together better than Sergio Garcia at the Ryder Cup.

(H/T Sporting News)

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