Warren Sapp has been filling a lot of space around the sports media landscape thanks to a relentless tour for his new book, Sapp Attack: My Story.  While not quite getting the Paterno-Posnanski buzz, Sapp's book has been gaining publicity as he's been appearing on every possible radio show that puts out a signal stronger than your local traffic report.

He's been on with radio kingpins like Mike Francesa (which produced the interesting details about an NFL Network suspension and more bizarre snitch talk) and Howard Stern (which had its moments).  Sapp's also had contentious interviews in local markets like this one in Houston that focused on his personal bankruptcy problems.  Then there is the audio below from 700 WLW in Cincinnati where things got so bad the NFL Network analyst abandoned the conversation with host Scott Sloan halfway through the interview.

Sapp's talk with Sloan sounds like an interview with someone that's tired of doing 72 interviews on his book tour.  Sapp mocks Sloan's first question, but the interview settles into normalcy as Sloan delves into some local angles with Sapp – who wins the AFC North, Sapp almost signing with Cincinnati, etc.  After a couple weird moments (don't you dare call this book a memoir!) the interview takes a decisive turn at around the 4:00 mark when Sapp talks about not coming to the Bengals in 2004 in part because of "cops shooting black men in the city of Cincinnati."  Predictably, Sloan pushes back and the interview devolves from there into a testy discussion of the racial issues that have plagued Cincinnati over the years.

Finally, at around the 6:25 mark after a particularly awkward exchange, another voice comes over the radio and says, "Let's go to Tampa."  It sounds like Sapp then begins another interview with a Tampa radio station while Sloan is left hanging.  Once the call is dropped, Sloan talks about the book being a disjointed read and then makes a reference to NFL concussions to diss Sapp.  All in all, this clip is sports talk radio in its absolute purest form…

If Warren Sapp's objective was to sell books with these interviews, he isn't exactly doing a stellar job.  Maybe Sapp could take a lesson or two from Michael Strahan on how to be successful in his post-NFL media career and not attempt to out snitches, get suspended from his job, appear as a comedic Youtube judge, file for bankruptcy, and argue with local radio hosts.  Just for starters.

At least this Sapp interview had to be better radio for Cincinnati listeners than that Arlington Heights speed trap segment.  Yeesh.

UPDATE (10:10 AM ET): A mysterious voice also rushed Sapp off an interview in Detroit on WRIF Radio with Drew & Mike when the converstaion turned to his financial difficulties.  Sapp looks even worse in this interview as he goes into a several minute long argument with the hosts.  Listen here at the link.

UPDATE 2 (12:30 PM ET): And via Jimmy Traina, here's the audio of Sapp's interview in Houston, where again he argues with the hosts over the book being called a memoir (WTF?) and his bankruptcy problems.

Worst.  Book.  Tour.  Ever.

H/T Brandon Y, jsaah1, & carljpeterson

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