First it was radio hosts ranting against the Chiefs, now it's the Chiefs having a go at their own fans.  Chiefs QB Matt Cassel was injured in the 4th quarter of Kansas City's 9-6 home loss to the Baltimore Ravens.  Cassel left with a head injury after another a rough day at the office, throwing for just 92 yards and 2 INTs.  As Cassel remained on the ground after a hit from Haloti Ngata (video of the play), some Kansas City fans began to cheer, and let out another ovation once backup Brady Quinn entered the game.

Chiefs tackle Eric Winston heard those cheers while Cassel was injured and made a point to send a clear message to those fans after the game.  To call the below audio a "rant" would do it a disservice, because Winston's impassioned statement makes all the sense in the world.  Matt Cassel and the Chiefs may be one of the worst teams in the league, but there's no excuse for any fan to cheer an injury, especially a head injury.  Winston rightfully calls the behavior sickening and disgusting and says he and his teammates are athletes, not Roman gladiators.  In an age where player safety is always at the forefront of the league's conscious, it's a stand that should be applauded.

(audio via 610 Sports)

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