In the newest Awful Announcing Podcast, our guest is Deadspin media writer John Koblin. John's reporting on ESPN in the past year has been some of the finest work in the blogosphere. Last week, he was thrown into the story when an ESPN executive made a false claim about the motivations of his reporting on plagiarism at We talk to John Koblin about his interaction with ESPN VP John Walsh and so much more including…

-His conversation with John Walsh and reaction to being put into the story himself.
-Thoughts on why it took that embarrassing episode for ESPN to finally correct the plagiarized stories.
-The importance in aggressively covering ESPN and the comparison to other media beats.
-The state of the Deadspin-ESPN relationship.
-ESPN President John Skipper's comments about the network pulling back on its Tim Tebow coverage.
-The appeal of Skip Bayless within Bristol.
-Sourcing issues and controversies at ESPN.
-Whether or not the journalistic questions raised in the last year will ever effect the average ESPN viewer or ESPN brand.
-The modest progress ESPN has made in the last year and where the company goes from here.

I know I'm supposed to say these kinds of things (after all, it is my podcast) but I can't recommend this podcast highly enough for fans of AA or Deadspin, those interested in the media, or sports fans. If you've followed any of these stories in the last year, it's a must listen.

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