With the college football season coming to a close and conference realignment heating up again, we welcome ESPN college football reporter Brett McMurphy to the AA Podcast. Brett is the top college football reporter when it comes to realignment and has broken the news on many of college football's biggest stories in recent years working for both CBS and ESPN. In this podcast, Brett chats with AA about…

-His career path leading him to ESPN.
-How he developed a reputation as the preeminent force reporting on conference realignment.
-The separation between ESPN's business and reporting arms. -What one move has surprised him most in the recent round of realignment.
-The negative impact of conference realignment and how it's hurt college athletics.
-The impact of the Big Ten Network on realignment.
-Why we may not see the 4 16 team superconference system develop.
-Georgia's chances against Alabama and the SEC title game.
-The SEC champ being a presumptive favorite over unbeaten Notre Dame.

I'm just thankful another team didn't switch leagues while we were taping.

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