This week we welcome former NASCAR Cup and 3-time Daytona 500 champion Dale Jarrett to the podcast. Dale serves as ESPN's lead NASCAR analyst and has followed his father Ned's footsteps in having both a successful racing and broadcasting career. Interest in NASCAR is certainly at a high this season with the controversy at Phoenix preceding the championship deciding season ending race at Homestead. In this week's podcast, Dale chats with AA about…

-Whether he ever envisioned an announcing career after his driving days. 
-The different perspective gained in the booth and why every active driver should experience it. 
-How each NASCAR race is like a weekly Super Bowl for the television crews. 
-The Clint Bowyer-Jeff Gordon feud and where the wild scene Sunday ranks in the sport's annals. 
-His surprise over Brad Keselowski's post-race rant. 
-The delicate balance between "boys have at it" and drivers crossing a line. And, does NASCAR need driver feuds to sell the sport? 
-What Brad Keselowski's rise has meant to the sport. 
-Whether or not NASCAR has finally settled on the right formula for the Chase. 
-Does Keselowski do enough to win the championship Sunday?

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Pic via ESPN images