This week's AA Podcast guest is Michelle Beadle from NBC and Access Hollywood. Michelle's move from ESPN to NBC was the most talked about move in the sports media in 2012 and she just finished covering the Olympics for NBC in London. We talk about the transition to working sports and entertainment,

-The plans for her new NBC show and how it could resemble Chelsea Lately. 
-What NBC could offer her that ESPN didn't. 
-The one thing she misses about ESPN. 
-Why ESPN is so obsessed with Tim Tebow. 
-Her experience covering the Olympics in London and why she didn't make it to a venue. 
-Which NBC anchor turned out to be her hallway buddy. 
-That interview with Kellie Wells and Dawn Harper and the Lolo Jones controversy. 
-Living under the microscope as a popular woman in a male dominated world. 
-The challenges facing those labeled as "the next Michelle Beadle." 
-The pressure on her shoulders to succeed at NBC. 
-A mini SummerSlam preview, seriously.

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