Our latest guest aboard the AA Podcast is one of America's top sportswriters, Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports.  Dan is one of the most accomplished and respected sportswriters in the country with Death to the BCS and Glory Road amongst his body of work.  At Yahoo, he has emerged as a premier sports columnists writing about the Penn State scandal, the BCS, the Olympics, and the major topics of the day.  In this podcast, we ask Dan about his in-depth coverage on the Penn State story from the Jerry Sandusky trial to the Freeh Report and beyond as well as the implications of the new college football playoff and the issues facing the NCAA.  Included are Dan's thoughts on…

-How the Penn State scandal has been different than anything he's ever covered and whether or not it's the biggest story in his career.
-The culture of college football and the mythical status of its legendary coaches.
-What should and will the NCAA do to punish Penn State?
-The internal struggle of the entertainment and corruption of major college football.
-The implications of the death of the BCS
-Whether or not we'll see any real transformation in college athletics.

All that and many more topics are covered on this loaded podcast with one of the best sportswriters in America, Dan Wetzel.

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