In the newest AA Podcast we’re joined by Rob Stone all the way from Munich, Germany where he is on site for Fox’s coverage of the Champions League Final.  Rob joined Fox from ESPN this year to anchor the network’s soccer coverage moving forward.  With Rob in Munich, we talk about the atmosphere surrounding Bayern being the first team to play the European Cup Final at home since 1984 as well as look back to Fox’s daring coverage of Survival Sunday in the EPL how the network has grown since their scrutinized coverage of last year’s Champions League Final.  In addition to all that, Rob chats with AA about…

-His move from ESPN to Fox.
-The challenges of covering Premier League soccer at 4 AM on the West Coast.
-The success of Survival Sunday and pushing the Premier League to allow the breakthrough coverage.
-The place of MLS in the growing soccer landscape.
-The evolution of Fox’s soccer coverage and response to last year’s criticism.
-The long-term plan for Fox Soccer looking ahead to the 2018 and 2022 World Cups.
-The need for more American voices in the broadcast booth.
-The unique situation of Bayern Munich hosting the Champions League Final and the atmosphere in the city leading up to the big game.
-The surprising elements of this year’s Final and the key players to watch for both teams.

A big thanks to Rob for taking time at the very end of a busy day in Munich to speak with us about the sport and Fox taking soccer coverage forward in the years to come.  It’s a wide-ranging, candid conversation that covers a lot of ground with some truly thought-provoking answers on an array of soccer and sports media topics.


In case you’ve missed any of our podcasts, check out all of our interviews on iTunes and for more from Rob, check out his column from Munich here.  As for a pick for the game… let’s say 3-1 Bayern.

(Photo via Fox Soccer)

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