Yesterday, it was reported Pam Ward will no longer be appearing on ESPN’s college football coverage.  While the reaction to Pam’s departure from the sport was widespread and ranging from the micro to the macro, the heart of the matter for AA is simply the announcing.  Any announcer deserves to be judged by their merit at the mic, and Pam Ward is no exception.

Brian Powell began the tradition of the Pam Ward Chronicles in September 2007 with these words – “We’re going to start the Pam Ward Chronicles tomorrow and I need you to add a comment when you hear any announcer say something dumb, crazy, off-the-wall, or just plain wrong.”  

It’s fair to say none of us would be here at AA 2.0 without the Pam Ward Chronicles.  However, the true impact of the Pammies isn’t really about Pam Ward at all, even though they bear her name through leading the college football world in those off-the-wall comments.  

The Pammies are an opportunity for college football fans to come together and have a forum to document those comments and announcers.  It stands as the place where we laugh, shake our heads, and keep a watchful eye on the things announcers say during a given week.  

So, it’s only fitting that in our goodbye to Pam Ward College Football Announcer, we take a look back at all the best Pammies quotes from Pam herself.  That’s why we’re here after all!  Pam Ward won the Pammies crown in 2008 and 2009, finished 3rd in 2011, and took home the top spot in our weekly countdown an impressive 10 times over the years.  The awards that bear her name won’t be the same without her, but they will continue to chronicle all the crazy, off-the-wall, funny, and erroneous things announcers and television personalities say about college football.

Without further ado, here are Pam Ward’s Greatest Hits…

Week 8, 2007: “You finally shaved it off do you feel naked right now?” – Pam Ward to partner Ray Bentley on his mustache.

Week 1, 2008: “Northwestern players…looking over to the sidelines…they want to go for it.” – Pam Ward on a 3rd and 9.

Week 3, 2008: “Great tackle, er, broken tackle by Charles. Gordon finally gets him in the backfield. Gain of 5 for Charles.” – Pam Ward

Week 4, 2008: “A smattering of boos from the Pitt offense…. I mean crowd.” – Pam Ward

Week 9, 2008: “The Badgers with the lead.” – Pam Ward, going into commercial, as Illinois is up 7-3.

Week 10, 2008: “They’ve gotta spike the ball here!” – Pam Ward on a 4th down play.

Week 11, 2008: “That was the last four drives, Minnesota had five straight five-and-outs.” – Pam Ward

Week 14, 2008: “Greg Orton came over and they slapped each other… on the palms.” – Pam Ward

Week 1, 2009: “I want a stallion package.” – Pam Ward

Week 3, 2009: “He hurt his ankle in the first week of the game.” – Pam Ward

Week 4, 2009: “And Nick Ford with the 24 year old, 24 YARD field goal.” – Pam Ward

Week 5, 2009: “Maryland really struggling this season.” – Pam Ward
“Your Turtles.”- Ray Bentley
“Yeah, they’re turtling up.”- Pam Ward

Week 7, 2009: “The gameplan working perfectly for Northwestern so far. With no points to show for it.”- Pam Ward

2009 Bowl Season…


Week 4, 2010: “Scott Vallone on the tackle, New Jersey product from Central Islip, NY” – Pam Ward

Week 5, 2010: “(IU Quarterback) Ben Chappell leads the Big 10 in passing. Up next, they take on the undefeated Hoosiers.” – Pam Ward 

Week 11, 2010: “Ball fair caught by Holmes.” – Pam Ward (No fair catch had been called, the ball was rolling on the ground)

Week 1, 2011: “Smith has a team high 6 catches on the season. Or on the season or in the game because it’s the first game of season” – Pam Ward

Week 2, 2011: “… is from right here in Louisville” – Pam Ward calling the CM-UK game from Lexington.

Week 4, 2011: “2 of the last 3 Central Michigan passes have been intercepted. The last one for an interception.” – Pam Ward 

Week 12, 2011: “He has thrown three picks, but no interceptions” – Pam Ward

As she leaves the Pammies behind, we actually do wish Pam Ward well in her remaining duties at ESPN… she’s not Craig James, now.  Like any other announcer, hopefully she improves in her future assignments to better the viewing experience for sports fans.

And don’t worry, there will still be plenty of Pammy Awards to go around in 2012… ESPN still employs Matt Millen after all!

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