We’ve tried our best to keep you updated on the latest news regarding NBC’s plans for their Olympic coverage.  Already AA has told you about NBC Sports’ plans to air record coverage of Olympic events from London and U.S. Olympic Trials this year.  And, unfortunately, we’ve also told you about Ryan Seacrest being involved in NBC’s primetime coverage.  

Maybe then, we were due some good news in terms of broadcasting talent that would be heading to merry old England.  Buried amidst the controversy last week of paying NBA players during the Olympics, current 76ers head coach Doug Collins let slip that he’ll once again broadcast the Summer Games with NBC.

“They are going to pay me to go and to broadcast the games for NBC,” Collins said Friday night. “It’s going to be great.”

Of course Doug Collins is no stranger to the broadcast booth, often thought of as one of the best in the business when he worked for NBC and Turner over the last couple of decades.  And now that Collins has been back in the coaching world, his perspective will certainly be insightful.  

In the 2008 games, Collins formed a terrific team with Mike Breen to chronicle the Redeem Team’s quest for gold.  Also, Collins provides a bit of a unique perspective as a member of the infamous 1972 U.S. Olympic team that was hosed by the evil Russians.  Let’s hope the evil Brits don’t try to pull off a similar scheme… and that the likes of Reggie Miller won’t be filling out NBC’s basketball announcing crew.


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