If ESPN treated every story they cover like 30 for 30, the sports world… no, the world in general would be a much better, happier, less stressful place.  ESPN’s acclaimed documentary series returns under the 30 for 30 banner tonight with Broke, directed by Billy Corben.  After a branding dilemma between moving forward with more 30 for 30 docs or going ahead under the generic ESPN Films moniker, Bristol has decided to return to placing new docs under the 30 for 30 banner.  In spite of the name not really applying anymore, more fans will resonate with the 30 for 30 series since it was so well done and such an unmitigated success for ESPN.

Corben’s doc about athletes going broke leads off the new season of 30 for 30.  Four more new documentaries will debut each Tuesday night throughout October with an additional one in December.  Previously, Corben directed The U in the original 30 for 30 series.  Given Vince Young’s name in the news for reportedly blowing his forturne, Broke comes along at the perfect time to pique interest.

You can find the Broke trailer below and a couple more videos to get you ready for tonight’s 30 for 30 comeback.  All over sports, documentary series have appeared across a variety of networks.  The high quality presentations at ESPN, HBO, Showtime, Fox Soccer, and NBCSN has been the best thing to happen to the sports media in the last year, with 30 for 30 at the top of the list.





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